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Be quick to criticize… wait a minute!

Be quick to criticize… wait a minute! | Be quick to criticize… wait a minute! | SOS Radio

James 1:9 is pretty clear… Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Sound advice that can help us stay in our lane in day to day life. If I were to look at this verse through today’s social media posts… it may translate like this.

“Be quick to criticize, quick to anger and quicker to defend your actions.”

I am guilty of the above translation. Even being aware of what the Word says, I choose to respond with the above. I decided to make a change about a year ago. I would purposely change the way I act with others on social media.

It’s easy to become disconnected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… ect. A screen separates us from the eye contact of the person on the other end of our response. This creates a disconnect. Hypothetically… the person on the end of my criticism and anger may or may not be real. So it doesn’t matter if I follow James 1:9 in my interactions with this hypothetical person… FALSE!!!

It does matter! There is a real person on the other side of the screen. I am called to use James 1:9 in my response to others. It doesn’t matter if it’s face to face or behind the screen of a computer, smartphone or tablet.

You may or may not find yourself struggling with this… if you are, here is the one thing that helped me.

Treat every interaction as a face to face interaction. Talking to someone face to face removes the ability to hide behind a screen. Would I say this to this person face to face? Is what I’m trying to communicate filled with the grace of James 1:9?

If I answer no to either one of these… I find it’s best to just move on.

Thanks for stopping by… J.D.


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