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Montana SOS Listeners Inspired By Nevada Listeners!



You know what I LOVE about the SOS Radio community? It's how people in one city connect and live life, share their faith & values with those in another state.

A few weeks ago, after a series of attacks on local police officers in Southern Nevada, thousands of SOS Radio families COVERED a Las Vegas Metro Police cruiser with thousands of colorful thank-you notes of support! Here's a story the Las Vegas Sun shared and here's one from ABC/Channel 13 Action News about the SOS Radio community!

I love that story, but here's where it gets even more dynamic. Patricia Earnest and her friends 


listen to SOS Radio in Montana. They heard about all the SOS listeners stepping up to love on our local police, that they were inspired to do something even bigger in Missoula before the Newsboys concert! They covered three different police vehicles with thank you notes! (One from Missoula Police, Montana Highway Patrol and Missoula County Sheriff's Department!)

Here's a story that KPAX TV in Montana did about the Missoula tribute to law enforcement!

THIS is what true community is all about! I LOVE seeing the ripple effect from one city to another! 






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