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Ms. Ursini's Colorado River Water Project for Students

Ms Ursini Colorado River Water Project for Students







Ms. Jennier Ursini from Diamondback Elementary School in Bullhead City is doing a science project to teach her kids about the importance of the Colorado River. (It runs right through their community)

Ms Ursini's project will give a hands on opportunity to see the life cycle of water and how it affects the Bulhead City area directly.

"Living directly next to the Colorado River and adjacent Lake Mojave, it is essential to expose students to the effects of pollution in these waters (and others). Water pollution affects our entire city. When dumping and littering occur, it affects the very water that flows next to our homes and the animals that reside in it. This environmental science project will show students with hands-on sensory items just how hard it is to get water clean after it has been polluted. They will use the water basin and tools like gravel and sand to filter water from our river. We will also cover the life cycle of water and the filtration process required to clean water well enough to drink. Will you help support our classroom? - Ms. Ursini

You can give toward her classroom project by clicking here!


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