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I made the trip to Oregon this past weekend to take my little sister to her first Ducks football game. We had a blast even though it was 46 and pouring. About half way through the 3rd quarter a young man decided he want to try and start the wave in the stadium.


One person out of 60,000… the odds aren’t in his favor. I watched him for about 45 minutes try to pump up the crowd, but each time the wave would die about two sections over. He was determined. After trying 25 times and failing each time… He tried again, with the same enthusiasm as the 1st try.


It was unreal… I watched as each section in the stadium did the wave. It ended up going around the stadium twice before a big play on the field interrupted it. The smile on the young mans face could have lit up the world at that point.


One person influenced 60,000 people to get involved. His success to failure ratio is 1 to 26. Do you think he thought about all the effort he put into each failed attempt or do you think he held on to the victory of starting the wave? When I saw him in the parking lot after the game he was still smiling ear to ear.


The next time you have a crazy idea that sounds God sized and impossible… don’t be afraid to start the wave.  



hi :D

hi :D

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