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How Does Your Smart Phone Use Compare To Addiction? |  | SOS Radio

I'm not as addicted as everyone else right??

How does your phone addiction compare to others?

A Deloitte study found that 44 percent of mobile phone users check their device while crossing the street. 54% cant help but check their phone in a business meeting. 

59% check the smartphone while driving

81% check the phone when eating in a restaurant.

89% check the cell when watching TV (89 percent)

How does your addiction stack up when related to science?

Deliotte says "On average, Americans check their phones 47 times a day. In cigarette terms, that's a more than two-packs-a-day habit."

Text us at 702.732.9102 - NEW Feature!  |  | SOS Radio

Did you know you can call or text us now in the SOS Radio studio? Just send a text to 702.732.9102 to request songs, ask questions or share your prayer requets with our DJs! It comes right to them! 

Want to Serve In Las Vegas This Month?  |  | SOS Radio







It takes between 50-60 volunteers a day to run the needs at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. They have about 19,000 volunteers that come through over the course of the year. The Las Vegas Rescue Mission needs non perishable foods, hygine items, blankets, new pillows & shoes EVERY month. You can volunteer by clicking HERE!


Christian Counseling Options in Las Vegas |  | SOS Radio

If you or your kids were affected by the Route 91 tragedy in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, you might want to talk to someone!

If you're not sleeping well or feel triggered by sirens or TV news stories recently, here's a couple great Christian counseling options in the Vegas valley!

Sherri & Ted Collier from in Henderson

Ronatta Yates Marriage & Family Therapy in Las Vegas -  

Dr Patricia Meye & Mark Welchel at in Las Vegas

Michelle Borquez - Community & Kingdom Building  |  | SOS Radio








Michelle Borquez is an author, entrepreneur & TV personality. She's a leader in National Faith Initiative out of the White House. Michelle & Scott talk about how our churches can play a key role in community building and city transformation!

Mark Batterson - Discerning God's Voice |  | SOS Radio








New York Times Best Selling Author Mark Batterson talks about how we can learn to hear the vocie of God. He talks about some of the principles from his book, "Whisper: How To Hear The Voice Of God" with Scott Herrold. They also talk about why listening is a big part of what makes prayer into a conversation.


Moriah Peters on Identity & Value |  | SOS Radio








Moriah Peters talks about how being a solo artist can sometimes make you feel like a "brand" instead of a real person. We talked about identity. She also shared about how her new band TRALA came to be! Moriah Peters and TRALA will perform at Winter Jam! First responders in Las Vegas get in FREE!


Jim Daly Shares His Story About Growing Up In Foster Care |  | SOS Radio







Jim Daly from Focus On The Family talks with Scott Herrold about how divorce is the biggest contributor to poverty in America. They also talked about Jim's childhood in foster care.

Focus on the Family is partnering with For Good and Mully Children’s Family to bring a fil called "Mully" to theaters on October 3rd, 4th and 5th. The film tells the true story of Charles Mully who felt compelled by God to make a radical decision that ultimately led to rescuing more than 12,000 children from the streets through the largest children’s rescue, rehabilitation and development organization in Africa.


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