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Most People Quit Resolutions On Day 2 |  | SOS Radio

We’ve officially kicked off another year! This is a fresh start. A new opportunity to look forward! An opportunity to get excited about our future. I have a goal to focus on health this month. Meal planning, more dates with the elliptical machine at the gym. Tracking what I’m eating now that the Christmas cookies are finally gone.

God's Working In Spite Of Your Circumstances |  | SOS Radio

You can start today strong knowing you have a security in your life because you have a personal relationship with God! You have a relationship with your creator. You have a friendship with the one who restores and heals our past. You have a God who personally came into our world just to save you from guilt and shame. You have a God who loves you even though you have a past. You have a God that wired you up with special giftings & talents. You matter to God and you matter to us! You are LOVED today. 

Rhett Walker Calls Our Robert on Christmas Music! |  | SOS Radio


Rhett Walker talks about the unusual gifts on his 3 kid's Christmas list. He also calls out Robert Forbes for not knowing the words to Ruldolph the Red Nose Reindeer. It's hilarious!



Shepherds Are Different Kinds of Leaders |  | SOS Radio

Ever think about how a shepherding leader is different than an administrator? Think about how God may have been setting the stage by using the shepherd to help spread the Word on the Messiah's birth....

"The Lord is my shepherd....I shall not be in want. He meets my needs, he protects and guides me....."

Director Dzurenda of NV Dept of Corrections |  | SOS Radio







Jim Dzurenda is Director of the Nevada Department Of Corrections. He talks about how the vision of the state of incarceration has changed, plus he explained what has team has learned about how transnational rehabilitation works. Director Dzurenda talks about the role families play in the transitions after prison for ex-offenders and how we keep victimization down in our communities after felons are released back into society. This is a fascinating discussion with Scott Herrold!


From Correction to Rehabilitation? |  | SOS Radio








Elizabeth Coleman-Dixon shares how the entire vision of the Nevada Department of Corrections has changed from tradition "prison correction" to rehabilitation/reconciliation & reentry for the men & women'serving time in Nevada's prison facilities. Roughly 80% of the people in our prisons return back to society, so the department wanted to change course on how we help former inmates succeed after prison.

How Do We Take Every Thought Captive? |  | SOS Radio

With all the harassment claims in the news lately, I think we all should be convicted to go back to our understanding about how we CAN actually take every thought captive under the authority of Jesus.

We have to own the fact that it IS possible to take authority over our thoughts. Memorize these scriptures. It's a key to taking authority over your thoughts - because everything starts there before it's an action. 

In Paul's second letter to the Corinthian church, he encouraged them to "demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."

Jon Ponder - Hope For Prisoners on Second Chances |  | SOS Radio







Scott Herrold talks with Jon Ponder from about second chances in the Nevada Department of Corrections. We're throwing a special Christmas party for children who have incarcerated parents. Every family will get it's own special living room setting! We need giftcards for the teens and caregivers plus stockings packed with toys/candy for the kids! This is a powerful story about second changes & healing.

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