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  • Need Free Help with a Resume or Cover Letter?   6 years 30 weeks ago

    Is this resume help available to out-of-staters?

  • Cancer   6 years 30 weeks ago


  • Cancer   6 years 30 weeks ago


  • please pray for Devon's protection   6 years 30 weeks ago


  • Husband has Cancer. Need Help   6 years 30 weeks ago

    We're praying, Abby!
    - Rick @ SOS Radio

  • Advice for Parenting Teens   6 years 30 weeks ago

    read a passage from the bible every day, even if its a song you sing while they are busy believe me there soul hears it just say it out loud, remember gods word never comes back void and songs are prayer. iam doing this teen thing for the second time around and im learning from my mistakes from the first time

  • Advice for Parenting Teens   6 years 30 weeks ago

    I saw you ask this on FB and as the mother of a 16 year old boy I really had nothing. Nothing.

    It's like when I became a new parent and all of these folks came out of the woodwork and told me what I could expect and often times while some were right, many were wrong. No one experience is the same as another.

    Here are the three things that I have had to learn (my rules so written from my perspective):

    1) Always give him a safe place to share how they feel and seek to understand how they got there.

    2) His life experience is not a replacement for what I missed out on. I can inform him on how I felt about missing prom or sports but ultimately, his choices are his.

    3) At the end of the day, he just wants to be loved. For as much as I have talked to him about his behavior, his grades or the fact that I have had to remind him to clean his room for the 1,000th time I need to tell him (and show him) that I love him even more!

    Good luck... always ask for help... and know that you have a ton of folks praying for this new journey in your life!

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