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Mike Mead

Mike Mead is our Director of Donor Services. If you have a question about giving to SOS Radio, he’s the one to talk to. Just before graduating from UNLV with a degree in Managerial Finance, he was hired at SOS Radio. He grew up listening to SOS and says it helped shaped his Christian walk. 

Mike & Bruna have been married for 11 years and have three children - Luke, Logan & Lacey. He has no pets because he prefers to have a nice yard. Mike loves photography and teaching children’s church. His kids don’t share his love for photography though. Mike says, “My crazy 6 yr old Logan asked me if I would please not bring my camera to the park the other day. He didn’t want to have to pose for any more pictures. I was offended! I brought him into this world…I can take him out!” You can reach Mike with any of your giving, accounting or general questions at

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